"Uma so clearly knows anatomy, meridians, and just what feels good. For the first time, I had the experience of a massage



therapist who went deep enough, long enough, and thoughtfully enough. Her proficiency in yoga is embedded in her massage practice. I can't wait to get another one."


- C.K., Occupational Therapist  



Therapeutic Thai Bodywork


"Uma Kahn imbues her teaching with wisdom and kindness and somehow remains to be real and grounded. 



Her knowledge of yoga is immense but she is never intimidating...With her energy and guidance you feel like you can do anything!" 


- E.M. 

Yoga Instruction

​© 2021 by 'Uma' Amy Kahn, LMFT 94206, Thai Bodyworker, Yoga Instructor. Courtesy of Wix.com.  For info about my Psychotherapy practice, please visit www.umakahntherapy.com.

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